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“I Am GoldStar. And What Matters to You, Matters to Us.”

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“I Am GoldStar. And What Matters to You, Matters to Us.”

Introductions are always important. They’re the on-off switches for establishing meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships. If done right, the introduction becomes the first – and lasting – impression that creates interest, awareness, and credibility with an audience.

“I Am GoldStar” is our way of introducing you to a unique customer relationship that only happens at Spireon. It represents a shared commitment by all of us here to align with your business in more ways than most telematics companies do these days. It’s more than customer service. It’s more than providing innovative products. What is it? Simply put, it’s wanting what you want. And that’s what builds the perfect relationship with our customers

As a current or potential GoldStar customer, you think you want a GPS solution that helps you increase sales and at the same time secure your assets. But in reality, you want a company to help you. What’s the difference? People. Spireon people. Great customer relationships are built on how much a company of people wants to help you.

In future blogs, you’ll learn more about what “I Am GoldStar” means to you – in terms of our dedication to building trusted customer relationships aligned with your goals, supported with innovative, high-reliability solutions that deliver one-of-a-kind results – and always being the company with the people and infrastructure built on a scale to deliver on our promises every day. To every customer.

“I Am GoldStar” means taking a personal stake in your goals and outcomes. It isn’t something we say. It’s something we do. We find out what things that matter most to you, and that’s what matters most to us. And what we do that matters is:

  • Being personal: You’ll get to know our faces, not just our email addresses. It’s important our people deliver the technology personally – making it fit your business and making sure you understand it better than anyone. 
  • Being invested: We’re not a company that outsources customer service. At Spireon, customer service is an extension of everything we do – sales, finance, engineering and more. That means our service team is invested in what our company stands for and what your company wants.
  • Being a GPS partner: Spireon stands for GPS. That’s how we made our name. And that’s how customers know us. It’s the difference between buying a GPS product and investing in a relationship with a GPS company and its people.
  • Being a one-stop-solution: We go back to what you really want in a GPS solution – someone to help you. And that’s why nothing is left to chance when it comes to caring for our customers, even from day one – the installation. You can have a Certified Spireon Installer on your lot carefully and correctly setting your GPS solution up for success. That means you won’t have to find “a guy” who says he knows GPS devices because he works at a nearby car stereo shop.
  • Being measured the best in service: When you talk about measuring customer service, you go to the one measurement index that is used to gauge a customer’s overall satisfaction – and more importantly, the loyalty of a company’s relationships – the Net Promoter Score (NPS). That’s because it measures the customer’s willingness to recommend a company’s products and services. This measurement of loyalty at Spireon is in the highest NPS tier – a 9/10 NPS rating that is nothing short of best-in-class service. And at Spireon, we don’t stop there, as we are always finding ways to improve.

And that’s your introduction to “I Am GoldStar”. It represents the standard of how we establish customer relationships that thrive – and thrive with more dealers and customers in the vehicle finance industry than any other company.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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