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How does GPS vehicle tracking Optimize BHPH Collections Department? Let us tell you.

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How does GPS vehicle tracking Optimize BHPH Collections Department? Let us tell you.

At a time when providing automotive financing is undeniably risky and approximately 30% of sub-prime loans require collection activities, reducing payment defaults and related collection costs is the only way to keep your profits up and increase your BHPH dealership’s bottom line.

So how is this done?

We all know that selling vehicles in a competitive environment means looking for every competitive advantage. In order to open the pool of eligible buyers and mitigate risk, many new and "buy-here, pay-here" dealerships are controlling risk through the use of GPS Vehicle Tracking and the auto industry is embracing this technology like never before. The low cost and high efficiency of this new generation of technology-based products and the numbers associated with one of the greatest benefits---reduced collections costs---are hard to ignore.

*Enhance your dealership’s profitability by minimizing collection efforts and costs.  This is done simply by live locations offered by the GPS tracking device. If repossession does become necessary, our GPS locator will also reduce repossession costs by disabling and locating the vehicle in a short amount of time. Time is money in this business, especially when it comes to a repo… and there is no denying that.

*Reduce repossessions with the Features like starter disable & Geofence: These features, mainly used as a reminder in extreme cases and gives exact pin point location, serves the purpose of making a repo not necessary by providing location and also the reminder. In turn, if less vehicles are repossessed this means more cash flow to the dealership.


GPS vehicle tracking can step in after the handshake. It is important to trust, but in the business world, you must also verify. Because GoldStar GPS is the #1 provider of GPS vehicle tracking on the market today, we ‘ve already been able to keep track of what exactly our device can do for thousands of collections departments nationwide.

Specifically with GoldStar GPS you can be comfortable letting your asset drive off the lot because you have the confidence and tools needed to recover it rapidly. Ponder the thought of expanding your customer database by writing more loans every month and how this would represent a dramatic increase in revenue; what dealer can refuse that opportunity? Zero.

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