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GPS Telematics solution allows you to capture profitable opportunities, while minimizing your risk.

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How do you Turn High-Risk Loans into High-Profit Opportunities?

As a buy-here-pay-here dealer, you want to sell vehicles to as many customers who walk through your doors as possible.  By opening your doors to a wider range of customers and offering the special financing options people need, you can build your business as well as help your customers drive off in the vehicle they want. But as you well know it’s not that easy.

A telematics solution, like Spireon’s GoldStar GPS, allows you to capture profitable opportunities, while minimizing your risk. The solution helps you turn risk into great opportunities. With GoldStar GPS, you can:

  • Track and locate vehicles in real time. The GPS tracking capabilities of GoldStar GPS let you know where every asset is located quickly and accurately.
  • Recover vehicles easily and cost effectively. Use GoldStar GPS to track delinquent vehicles instantly with less money and employee-hours spent.
  • Lower loss and delinquency rates.  Track vehicles with GoldStar GPS so you can see at a glance where vehicles are located and minimize both loss and delinquency.
  • Collect more on-time payments. The solution reminds high-risk customers that payments are due, motivating more on-time payments.
  • Put more customers in higher-value vehicles. Enable even customers with credit challenges to qualify for higher-priced vehicles and larger loans.
  • Increase the value of your loan portfolio. Offer more special loans to more customers, increasing the overall value of your portfolio and maximizing profits.

GoldStar GPS helps your dealership capture every revenue opportunity and build sales with the power of telematics. For more information about the solution, click here.

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