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Handle the Rush with Reference Genie

Tax season is all about the rush. You can expect a rush of customers to come into your dealership, many of them with less than stellar credit. And you and your staff will be rushing to put those customers into cars as quickly as possible, so you can turn your inventory and maximize your sales. The last thing you need is STIPS slowing you down.

Taking the time to manually call references — often multiple times — is a massive drain on your resources and time. That time could be better spent on the floor, selling cars to your tax season customers. What’s more, your customers don’t always appreciate calls to their employers and landlords, asking to verify information they’ve provided. It’s intrusive, and instantly sets up a tone of distrust.

But you can’t simply stop doing STIPs. It’s more important than ever to do your due diligence when it comes to verifying your customers’ home addresses and employer information. The more you can verify, the lower your risk. So what can you do to ensure that verifying references isn’t putting the brakes on your sales during rush time?

That’s where Spireon’s GoldStar CMS comes in. Our new GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system is available with our patented Reference Genie feature that automates STIPS verification — saving you countless hours while saving your customers the embarrassment of phone calls.

With Reference Genie, instead of calling around to see if a customer lives and works where he or she claims to, you now simply enter the addresses you need to confirm. Reference Genie automatically conducts background analysis based on defined reference criteria, then auto-generates the results. References that pass can be filed away and forgotten about, allowing you to focus your time only on those references that raise red flags.

Reference Genie also allows you to close out STIPS much faster so loans can be sold or processed more easily. Faster loan processing means faster cash flow and faster inventory turnover. So let Reference Genie and GoldStar CMS GPS vehicle tracking get you ready for the tax-season rush. And take the time — and risk — out of STIPS verification.

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Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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