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GPS Vehicle Tracking That Saves You Time

During the tax season rush, it’s more important than ever to protect your profits. The more cars you sell to customers with credit challenges, the more risk you’re exposing yourself to. That’s why investing in a proven GPS vehicle tracking system is a smart strategic move — especially during tax season.
But beyond helping you track and secure your vehicle collateral, a GPS asset tracking systems should also save you time by automating manual processes and improving your efficiencies. Because the less time you spend actually using your GPS vehicle tracking system, the more time you’ll have to sell your tax-season customers more cars.
The next-generation GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system is loaded with features designed to simplify your life and drive efficiencies. It starts the moment you log into the system. GoldStar CMS features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and Dashboard that lets you locate any vehicle with one click. Other convenient time-saving features include: Group Commands, which let you locate all your delinquent vehicles, the ability to create GeoZones around multiple areas, Tow Alerts for all your newly sold vehicles, and History Reports on all vehicles financed by a specific finance company — all with a single click. This eliminates the need to perform the same command over and over again.
GoldStar CMS’s Reference Genie is another significant time-saver. Reference Genie automates STIPs verification, saving your staff countless hours spent calling references. With Reference Genie, all you do is enter the address of the reference. The system then automatically conducts a background analysis, either raising a red flag or giving the reference a green light so it can be filed away. This allows your staff to focus only on those references that need attention.
And then there’s the VIN scanner and decoder app. Using a smart phone, your team can now scan the VIN. The app automatically populates the GoldStar CMS system with the vehicle make, model and year attached to that VIN number, saving your staff the time of having the manually write down and key in this information. This also saves time on keeping track of your GPS tracking devices. With GoldStar CMS you instantly know which devices are in which vehicles — no more keeping track of or searching through boxes stored in a closet.

So what will you do with all the time you’ll free up by using GoldStar CMS? Simple. Sell more cars to more customers during the tax season rush. To learn more about GoldStar CMS’s time-saving GPS vehicle tracking features, visit

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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