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GPS vehicle tracking: Designed to keep the payments coming in

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GPS vehicle tracking: Designed to keep the payments coming in

In the past, the front line of enforcement for all BHPH dealerships was limited to collection attempts or lengthy and expensive efforts to locate and repossess a vehicle. Often times these vehicles were being hidden or even untraceable. Modern GPS technology has enabled for a streamlined and less expensive process and GoldStar GPS guided by Spireon is the leading device used on the market today.

GPS vehicle tracking now provides a wider range of more timely and reliable alternatives to the Buy Here Pay Here dealer. Auto lenders and car dealerships with used car lots can benefit tremendously from GPS vehicle tracking devices. Below are 5 reasons why you should consider implementing GPS vehicle tracking into your business model:

1) Increase your sales: with features like the starter interrupt installed in your assets, you will have gain more control over your collateral and can consider selling to people with lower credit ratings. Investing in a few of these devices can give you that peace of mind and allow you to close those sales with customers who you would otherwise not be able to consider.

2) Get paid on time: studies show that customers who know their vehicle has a GPS tracking unit installed, they are more likely to pay on time. Getting paid on time is critical for business and will avoid you having to get expensive line of credits. There is nothing better than knowing that you will get paid on time.

3) Reduce your costs to collect: phone calls, letters, registered letters, collection agencies – they all cost time and money. To get paid, nothing is more powerful than a car that doesn’t start or the ability to locate the vehicle right away.

4) Reduce your insurance costs: every dollar counts. Some insurance companies offer discounts to customers who take extra measures to protect their assets. Call your insurance company and find out what kind of cost reductions you can get by installing GPS vehicle tracking devices into your vehicles.

5) See return on your investment- for just a small investment you can get a lot of security knowing that at any given time your assets are protected, and it can streamline your repossession process too. Business owners have a lot to balance, and there is nothing better than a fast, cheap and easy way to reduce anxiety.

To learn more about the leading device used by auto dealers you can visit

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