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GPS Vehicle Tracking Packages

Flexible Vehicle Tracking Packages

Looking for a simple GPS locator? Or a more robust collateral management system that not only locates vehicles, but predicts their behaviors? GoldStar CMS offers flexible packages designed to meet your telematics needs. You pay only for the features you want, and scale up when your needs change.

Compare the Packages for yourself:

Locator Package
  • Simple and Intuitive User Interface — All your critical vehicle data is just a click away
  • Free Smartphone App with VIN Scanner & Decoder — Simply scan the VIN and the info is automatically populated
  • Device Health Indicator — Monitor battery life, cell signal, GPS signal and more
  • Custom Reports — Generate reports based on specific groups of devices or vehicles, and run them on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule
  • Device Transfer  — Automate device transfers with the click of a mouse
  • Mobile Views — Locate late payments using any smart mobile device
Notifier Package
  • Reference Genie — Set and forget Reference Genie to verify work and home addresses — no phone calls needed
  • Location Genie — Use Location Genie to accurately predict where to send repossession agents to collect payments or vehicles — more convenience, accuracy and speed
  • GeoZones — Easily and quickly set a GeoZone such as local impound lots on all recently sold cars
  • GeoFences — Alert a recovery agent when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific location, such as an impound lot
  • Group Commands — Run the same commands on multiple devices simultaneously, saving time and redundancy
  • Dashboard — Quickly get vital information from the Dashboard and take action like renew devices or run reports
  • Custom Auto Reports — Set select vehicles to ping once, twice, three or four times per day
LoanPlus for Lenders

Spireon has developed a powerful, customized telematics solution for lenders, as well. Our LoanPlus Collateral Management System connects lenders to a wealth of predictive analytics that go beyond vehicle tracking and GPS locates — for faster, smarter, more profitable loan decisions.