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GoldStar GPS Mobile

Mobile GPS Tracking - GoldStar

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GoldStar GPS Mobile

Outperform Outside the Office.

If you thought mobile was simply accessing emails and text messages on a smartphone, prepare yourself for a new way of doing business. Today, mobile is about making people, businesses, and M2M processes more productive and more connected, no matter where they are.

GoldStar GPS Mobile is the ultimate in helping you realize mobile’s true potential as the anywhere/anyplace extension of this powerful GPS vehicle tracking and recovery solution. Consider these advantages GoldStar GPS Mobile brings to your business:

  • Quickly and effectively track your assets and recover vehicles with any mobile device―smartphone or tablet―iPhone, iPad, or Android.
  • Pinpoint vehicle locations as well as real-time on-demand vehicle information from any browser―no need to download, install, or constantly update an app.
  • What were once “off” or “after” hours are now productive hours with full access to GoldStar GPS anytime, anywhere.
  • React in real-time and eliminate repossession delays that occur from communication breakdowns from a non-mobile workforce.
  • Improve productivity when the “trip to the office” isn’t needed to get work done.
  • Streamline your installation process where installers can verify key solution features immediately through their mobile device without ever having to go into the dealership office.
  • Easily access the mobile website:—where all of the power of GoldStar GPS is put in the palm of your hand.

With GoldStar GPS Mobile, you get the best of both worlds―the leading comprehensive GPS tracking solution that connects dealers to their assets, along with the mobile business capabilities that are driving efficiencies and profits up in businesses like yours.

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