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More Spireon Milestones per Gallon

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Going Further with More Milestones per Gallon

At Spireon, the drive to earning the leadership position in the automotive industry is mapped out by the series of milestones we reach―all designed to deliver greater customer experiences. Today I want to give you a snapshot of 2014’s milestones so far, because we see a pattern emerging―a pattern of a company that is growing at an accelerated pace due to its customer-centric passion―and seeing the industry respond to that.

It all starts here: we listen to our customers. From here, we back everything we do with best-in-class service. We produce the kind of innovative solutions that not only win awards, but also give our customers piece of mind. And we make our solutions easy to use, proven over and over again in the field so that the technology you are using is the most reliable and accessible for businesses that operate at the speed of now.

These six milestones show how the industry is responding to the innovation we build into our GoldStar GPS solution…

Milestone #1: Our Subscription Base Expands to Industry-Leading Levels
Spireon is now tracking over 1.7 million vehicles today, indicating the industry has spoken on what company they go to when it comes to telematics solutions.

Milestone #2: Growing Our Leadership Position in the Automotive Industry
Our Automotive Services Group division is seeing record-breaking sales. The popularity of GoldStar GPS has never been greater, and this is just the start of what we can do for our automotive industry customers.

Milestone #3: The Spireon NSpire Platform Reaches a New Customer Base
380 new dealers customers began working off of Spireon’s award-winning NSpire M2M platform since the first of January. Our Automotive Collateral Management Platform is the future in scalable, future-proof, performance-driven platforms.

Milestone #4: Award-Winning Performance at CES 2014
Spireon’s NSpire M2M platform was recognized as the best-in-class for its Automotive Collateral Management Platform at the CES show in Las Vegas this past January. Being recognized by the technology sector is an important milestone because it validates what our customers have already been telling us – GoldStar GPS is equipped with right technology to drive their success.

Milestone #5: Customers Purchase Over 800,000 Talon Devices
It’s no surprise we are surpassing all goals when it comes to being the GPS device tracking hardware leader.

Milestone #6: Our Dyersville, Iowa Sets a New One-Day Record in Number of Units Sold
It’s not every day that our office in Iowa is setting new sales records. But it’s close. Just about every other day.

One more thing―it doesn’t stop with six. Getting the most milestones per gallon means we always have new milestones to reach because we are always listening to you, our customer, and developing more innovative solutions that will help you reach your milestones.

David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions

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