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Faster GPS tracking with 11th generation Talon enabled with CDMA-technology,

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Get Quicker Vehicle Locations with the Revolutionary Talon

As GPS tracking devices become more integrated into our lives, the ways in which we use the technology will inevitably change.

Automotive dealers once had little to no protection when it came to locating, tracking, and recovering vehicle assets. If and when a vehicle was located, it was often after a long (and likely expensive) search. Nowadays, GPS tracking technology has made it possible to monitor vehicle movements, and mitigated much of the risk associated with subprime lending. The difference between companies who succeed and those who fail will ultimately lie in their ability to adapt to the shifting landscape.

Enter the 11th generation Talon from Spireon.

Dealers have long been looking for ways to locate their assets even quicker, without any delays at all. While other GPS tracking devices may rely on name recognition or meaningless bells and whistles to get customers in the door, the Talon’s secret is simple—performance you can count on. By offering the most reliable, stable, durable, and cost-effective device out there, it’s no wonder that Spireon has the best-selling GPS tracking system on the market.

With the 11th generation Talon, enabled with CDMA-technology, dealers benefit from faster network access and data speeds for quicker vehicle locations, longer battery life, more accurate GPS data, and lower cost of ownership. Better still, the GPS tracking device is designed with the future in mind, and is equipped to handle the eventual onset of newer technology. While other GPS tracking devices have come and gone, the Talon remains the undisputed industry leader—having shifted over 1 million units in its short lifetime.

For more information, or to find out how you can trade in older GPS tracking devices for a new Talon CDMA.  Call today, click here.

David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions
Spireon, Inc.

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