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Spireon's 11 Generations of Innovation

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11 Generations of Innovation

A GPS collateral management system is only as good as the tracking device installed in the vehicle. This little device performs a very big job, capturing and collecting vast amounts of data then serving it up to you. Without reliable, high-quality GPS tracking devices in place, your collateral management system simply cannot deliver the real-time data you need to reduce risks and costs.

At Spireon, we’ve dedicated significant time, effort, capital and resources into developing the latest version of the industry’s best-selling and highest performing GPS tracking device: the Talon. Now in its 11th generation of innovation, the Talon delivers the utmost reliability, stability, durability, and cost-efficiencies of any device on the market. It also comes with a number of industry firsts.

CDMA Technology
The 11th generation Talon is CDMA-enabled, which means it’s ready for the 2G sunset. CDMA technology also means you’ll benefit from wider, more reliable coverage and connections even in remote and rural areas; faster network access and data speeds for quicker vehicle locates; more accurate GPS positioning data; longer battery life; and lower total cost of ownership. What’s more, your CDMA Talon will be ready for the future of wireless technology, including 4G and 4G LTE that come with ever-faster data speeds and bigger bandwidth.

Tamper-Resistant Design
Boasting a sleeker profile and smaller footprint, the latest generation Talon device is built to resemble part of original equipment inside the vehicle. This deters people from identifying it and tampering with or removing it.

Ruggedized Resistance
The Talon’s mechanical design provides a high degree of durability and resistance to a wide range of harsh environmental conditions, including extreme heat and cold temperatures, moisture, humidity and dust. The Talon also has the memory embedded directly onto the device — with no external SIM card. This also results in a more durable design.

Supreme Scalability
The latest generation of Talon has been engineered to provide a highly scalable platform that allows us to easily and quickly add features and functionality based on your evolving needs and growing data demands.

Ease of Installation
The Talon offers fast and simple installation, with minimal wiring to mess with and options for both an external or internal antenna that allows for more covert installation of the device.

Resettable Internal Fuse
Many devices are prone to blown fuses when vehicle batteries are jump-started or when the battery is replaced altogether. To prevent this from happening, the Talon is designed with a resettable internal fuse so communications will not be disrupted.

Certified and Licensed
Built with patented GPS technology, Talon has all the required licenses and certifications, including stringent FCC certification. Talon additionally meets TRP (Total Radiated Power) and TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity), and was the first device to complete an on-board chip certification process.  The Talon was also the first device in the industry to become PTCRB-certified, signifying that the device meets the standards of multiple major wireless carriers in North America.

Best Selling and High Performing
To date, over 800,000 units of Talon have been shipped to customers — more than any other device on the market.

Fast Delivery
To meet high demand, we have expanded our warehouse and fulfillment capabilities, added a dedicated order hotline, test and ship 99% of our orders the same day. We’ve also tripled our customer support team, so customers can always reach a live, knowledgeable person 24/7.

Test It For Yourself
We welcome you to take a test run of the next-generation Talon for yourself. Contact us at 1-866-655-8825 or visit to schedule your no-cost live demo.


David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions

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