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Eliminate the RISK this Tax Season

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Eliminate the RISK this Tax Season

Tax time, its here. Risk, it can be avoided.

For most people this is the time of year when the government gives you back a little bit of what you put in, you file and then wait for a return. Easy enough. But that doesn’t ring true for Auto dealerships, especially those offering Buy-Here-Pay-Here (BHPH) they are in an entire different bracket. Literally.

This time of year can be one of the most stressful and costly if dealerships aren’t fully prepared. As the number of in-house financing dealerships have significantly risen in the past few years, so has the need for reliable asset protection. GPS vehicle tracking does just tha with real-time monitoring of your collateral 24/7. Consider the financial impact of being able to expand the number of vehicles sold to more than 10 percent more prospects because you have reasonable assurance of asset protection. Knowing that you are more likely to recover a vehicle in the event of default on the loan can give you this assurance. Customers that have marginal or questionable credit, lack of employment history, or those who would otherwise be denied a loan, are now less of a risk with the implementation of a GPS Vehicle tracking device. It’s that simple!

Another factor to keep in mind is that 10 years ago you could count on tax season lasting through April 15th. Today, many dealers see a rapid rise in sales towards the end of January and in 30-60 days a majority of the rush is over. This all happens quickly with one thought it mind “Get the vehicles off the lot” There isn’t always enough time to take the proper steps in knowing that your asset is going to paid for & ultimately protected. GPS vehicle tracking plays the role of stepping in after the handshake. With GoldStar GPS you can be comfortable with selling a higher ACV vehicle because you have the confidence and tools needed to recover it rapidly. Ponder the thought of expanding your customer database by writing more loans every month and how this would represent a dramatic increase in revenue; what dealer can refuse that opportunity? Zero.

Procon GPS Inc.’s industry leading solutions were designed to give dealerships the opportunity to finance a broader range of credit scores without an equal amount of RISK. GoldStar GPS represents the fully comprehensive & customizable solution designed for new & used dealers offering BHPH.

Instead of frantically searching for your inventory this tax season, let GoldStar GPS eliminate the risk for you! Take the money you save from fewer skips and lowered repo costs and boost your inventory. That is, afterall, what tax season is all about in this industry.

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