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Coverage is King

Consider this scenario: You’re a BHPH auto dealership whose sales have been steadily increasing because of the two-fold effect of 1) a surging auto sales market, and 2) deeper subprime loans that attract more customers. With more collateral being put at risk on the streets, you decide to incorporate GPS vehicle tracking devices into all of your vehicle assets to speed tracking and lower recovery costs. You think you’re covered now as far as mitigating your risk. But you discover one important thing that no one ever told you – what happens when your vehicles go into areas not covered by your GPS network?

What happens? Exactly what it looks like on your GPS map… they’ve disappeared. Vanished. Off the grid. Unable to locate. And all of the time and expense that went into your GPS investment doesn’t really mean much now.

The moral of this story is summed up in three words: Coverage is King for auto dealerships and lenders who want to protect their collateral with GPS vehicle tracking systems. And the king of coverage is GoldStar CMS from Spireon. That’s because GoldStar CMS goes where your customers go. It’s our extensive coverage with nationwide carriers that will make sure you never lose track of a customer’s vehicle. As the only CDMA provider working with both Sprint and Verizon (the largest network of any carrier), you have the most extensive coverage and an continuous and seamless connection to your assets via GoldStar CMS GPS vehicle tracking.

No sunsets in CDMA’s future.
Generations come and go. Generations of technology, that is. We see it all around us changing at the speed of… well… by the time I finish this sentence, there will be a new generation of some technology introduced. It’s no different when it comes to wireless network technology. We’ve seen the sunsetting of generations of wireless network technology. And we’re always faced with making choices in technology that may or may not be here tomorrow. Which all adds up to confusion on the consumer’s end.

We’re here to take the confusion out of the equation for you. When it comes to GoldStar CMS, it uses the wireless technology adopted by five of the seven top carriers in the U.S. This technology uses a spread spectrum technique developed by the military to enhance security. So the data captured by your GPS devices is encrypted and encoded before it’s transmitted via multiple different channels over the network, then recombined into its original form before it’s served up to you.

What’s more, this technology provides greater coverage in the U.S. and Canada, higher security, more reliability, better quality of services, and more precise location accuracy. And guess what? You don’t pay more for this technology – pricing on its service plans means greater savings over time, for a lower total cost of ownership, and it has lower power requirements resulting in longer battery life.

What is this technology? CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access. And it’s the technology that is here to stay – well into the future.

The future of CDMA takes us out to many generations to come.
GPS tracking devices that run on CDMA will migrate to 3G (if you’re still on 2G) seamlessly, making CDMA a future-ready investment and smart choice for dealerships and lenders looking for a long-term GPS collateral management system.

Combined with Spireon’s 11th generation Talon GPS tracking devices, GoldStar CMS and CDMA technology means faster, wider, and more reliable connections – for faster vehicle locates, ultra-reliable connections even in rural and remote areas, wider reach and coverage, more accurate location data, and cost savings.

Make your business the king of coverage with GoldStar CMS GPS vehicle tracking system.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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