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GoldStar Notifier Package - GoldStar CMS


GoldStar Notifier

For dealerships seeking not just a GPS tracker for cars but a proactive collateral management system, the Notifier Package offers an array of industry-unique features and functionality. Ideal for dealers with multiple locations to manage, the GoldStar CMS Notifier Package connects you to powerful fleet tracking software via a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use web-based interface.

  • Reference Genie — Set and forget Reference Genie to verify work and home addresses — no phone calls needed
  • Location Genie — Use Location Genie to accurately predict where to send repossession agents to collect payments or vehicles — more convenience, accuracy and speed
  • GeoZones — Easily and quickly set a GeoZone such as local impound lots on all recently sold cars
  • GeoFences — Alert a recovery agent when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific location, such as an impound lot
  • Group Commands — Run the same commands on multiple devices simultaneously, saving time and redundancy
  • Dashboard — Quickly get vital information from the Dashboard and take action like renew devices or run reports
  • Custom Auto Reports — Set select vehicles to ping once, twice, three or four times per day

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