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GoldStar CMS offers GPS tracking system flexibility for automotive dealers of all sizes.

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Are You a Locator or a Notifier? Either Way, You’ll Fit GoldStar CMS Perfectly

How do you know if a product is right for your business? Obviously, you choose based on how much it helps you do your business better. But let’s say you’ve already made that decision. Then, how do you know if it’s the right size and price for your business?

With Spireon’s new GoldStar CMS, you’ll know right from the start if it’s the right size for your business, because we designed this GPS tracking system to offer flexibility for automotive dealers of all sizes. Starting now, there’s no reason for any size dealer to be without the powerful advantage of telematics technology from Spireon to track, recover, and manage the risk of their collateral assets.

GoldStar CMS recognizes the unique needs of a diverse community of dealers. First and foremost is the need to only pay for a package that offers the GPS services and features they want and will use. Second, we built flexibility into GoldStar CMS so that it’s easy and seamless to upgrade as dealers grow and their needs change. GoldStar CMS can grow with you – and help make that growth happen. And third, we’ve listened to you, the dealers and users of GoldStar CMS, and have built the flexibility and capabilities you asked for.

I’ll briefly highlight the flexibility here by describing the two affordably priced bundles that are available with GoldStar CMS – LOCATOR and NOTIFIER.

Let’s start with LOCATOR, because that’s the one that’s the easiest and can fit most of the basic needs of any dealer who is either a first-time GPS asset tracking customer or wants the advantages of the Spireon platform. Here’s what you can do with LOCATOR:

  • Locate your late payments via your PC or mobile device.
  • Streamline your entire GPS installation and input process by utilizing the free smartphone app to “validate” an install and automatically input all information into your GoldStar CMS account.
  • Get more vital information faster from the Dashboard and take action, like renewing devices or running reports.
  • Create up to 10 GeoFences on a device, so you’ll know when a vehicle enters or leaves a specific area(s).
  • Get quick, vital information on each device at a glance.
  • Know when to take action when one of your GPS devices isn’t responding properly – such as when the vehicle battery is low or somewhere with a poor cellular signal.

And here’s what you can do with NOTIFIER, the next level up in GoldStar CMS performance and predictive features:

  • Everything you can do in LOCATOR, plus…
  • Just set and forget the Reference Genie™ to check the provided work and home addresses of new customers – meaning you no longer have to make embarrassing calls to employers. In turn this improves customer satisfaction and helps drive up sales from referrals and repeat buyers.
  • If and when necessary, use Location Genie™ to accurately predict where to send repossession agents to collect payments or vehicles. You’ll be able to renegotiate rates with repo agents since they can save time by going to where the vehicle will actually be and not have to scour the neighborhoods looking for it.
  • Run the same commands on multiple devices simultaneously for improved efficiency and less time wasted on redundant tasks.
  • Get more information at shorter intervals by setting certain vehicles to ping once, twice, three or four times per day (more heartbeats per day).
  • And more!

Find out if you’re a LOCATOR or NOTIFIER by going to or calling (866) 655-8825.


Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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