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Apple iPhones & Android Smartphones? Check & Check with GoldStar CMS Mobile!

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Apple iPhones & Android Smartphones? Check & Check with GoldStar CMS Mobile!

It’s simple: Mobile means productivity. Being able to do your work wherever and whenever has revolutionized productivity gains for businesses just like yours. And leading that revolution is the Spireon GoldStar CMS Mobile App.

Now available for iPhones!
Some would say it’s not mobile if it doesn’t work on my iPhone. We couldn’t agree more. That’s why you can now use your GoldStar CMS Mobile App on both iPhones and Androids for the complete mobile GPS tracking solution for dealerships and lenders. You’ll find both apps work seamlessly within each device’s operating system, and are designed for maximum response, ease-of-use, and end-to-end functionality.

It’s productivity on a whole new level. Especially the automated VIN scanner feature.
The tools Apple and Google build into your mobile devices become the launching pad for new ways to do work. Or in this case – new ways to eliminate work. The new VIN Scanner can take the time-consuming task of writing down a unique 17-character code and keying its information into your GPS tracking system, and turn it into an almost effortless barcode scan. And it eliminates human error; how many times do you get that 17-character VIN exactly right the first time?

No one likes dealing with VIN information. Entering the long VIN, and the vehicle’s year, make, model, gets repetitive and redundant. Which is why we completely did the unthinkable – we got rid of it. We took all of the manual work and turned it into a fully automatic task that doesn’t require you to transpose a VIN or input any information. The GoldStar CMS Mobile App does all the hard work for you.

The GoldStar CMS Mobile VIN Scanner feature starts with using your smartphone to “scan” the barcode just like you’d take a photo. The app then decodes the VIN and auto-populates the fields for all of the VIN data required (make, model, year, etc.). This simple-to-use VIN Scanner makes installing and entering a new vehicle’s VIN data automatic – and mistake-free.

View. Organize. Manage. Stay Connected.
It’s business as usual – if you consider doing business anywhere and everywhere as usual – which is what most of us have come to think these days with ubiquitous mobile connectivity. GoldStar CMS Mobile takes your business experience out of the nine-to-five office and into your real workday – onto the sales lot, on the road, at home, and every place in-between – with no end of the workday built in so you can accomplish tasks when it’s the best time for you.

The Spireon GoldStar CMS Mobile App gives you all the tools of a powerful GPS tracking and recovery solution – all accessible on your Apple or Android smartphone. Your interaction with simple and visual data and maps – on your schedule – is what will transform your business and allow you to be more productive in all of the areas that count. Especially when it comes to giving you more time to sell cars.
Now that it’s available on iOS as well as Android, it’s time for you to check it out. So your business can say:
“GoldStar CMS Mobile for our business. Check!”

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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