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GoldStar GPS telematics is a solution that you can count on and quickly access

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Access to Instant Intelligence You Can Count On

Your dealership depends on access to information to succeed. It takes the right information, delivered in the right way at the right time, to:
  • Track and recover vehicles quickly and cost-effectively
  • Collect more on-time payments and reduce delinquency
  • Offer special financing to customers while minimizing risk

Find out how GoldStar GPS connects you to the information you need below:

  • Real-time tracking means you can instantly locate delinquent or at-risk vehicles, even if you’re not at the dealership.
  • An easy-to-use dashboard gives you access to instant tracking data and connects you to every asset via telematics, all in a format that is intuitive to read and understand.
  • Mapping features provide you with multiple views so you can locate and recover vehicles more quickly and with less money and time spent.
  • A complete suite of reporting tools means GoldStar GPS connects you with the information you need instantly, so you make wise business decisions with the right facts on hand.
  • Sophisticated security enables GoldStar GPS to keep customers’ sensitive and private information protected, so you can become the dealership they trust.
  • GoldStar GPS telematics stores a complete history of every vehicle, so you can easily and quickly see if any vehicles or loans are at risk for default or need attention, without sifting through mounds of paperwork.

With GoldStar GPS, you can access dashboards, reports, vehicle location, payment histories, and other information from any device, including a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. That means the intelligence you need goes with you anywhere, and you are always equipped for business success.

To learn more about Spireon’s telematics solution, click here.

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