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Why Talon from GoldStar GPS is the Dealer’s Choice

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7 Reasons Why Talon from GoldStar GPS is the Dealer’s Choice

With the automotive industry experiencing renewed growth in vehicle sales, especially in the subprime automotive financing sector, dealerships and lenders are experiencing the natural by-product of that growth―a larger segment of its buyers saddled with lower-than-average credit scores.

Now, with more credit-challenged customers driving their new purchases off the lots, dealerships and lenders run the risk of seeing their delinquency and repossession rates rise. For instance, 60-day delinquencies rose 16.9% over Q1 2013, and repossession rates for finance companies jumped 52.1%. The cost of loan defaults alone are already a challenge, and the administration costs of collections and repossessions can take a bite out of profits.

Enter Talon GPS Vehicle Tracking Solution to Manage the Risk
With over 800,000 units in the field, the Talon GPS tracking device is powered by Spireon’s award-winning Automotive Collateral Management platform, which empowers dealers and lenders to:

  • Reduce delinquency rates
  • Lower the costs of recovery and repossession
  • Make those recoveries significantly faster

Here’s What Sets Talon Apart From the Other Guys

1. Is it a GPS device or an OEM engine part? With Talon, you can’t tell. Its sleek profile and small footprint is built to resemble an original equipment part. Which means no one will identify it as a GPS device or remove or tamper with it.

2. It’s the one thing on the planet not affected by climate change. The Talon is the only device on the market that is ultrasonically welded together and sealed. This provides a high degree of durability and resistance to a wide range of environmental conditions, including extreme heat and cold temperatures, moisture, humidity, and dust.

3. Talon is multi-talented. Built on a highly scalable platform, Talon easily and quickly absorbs added features and functionality as our automotive finance customers’ needs expand. This saves costs because there’s no re-engineering devices from the ground up. This also allows us to easily adapt the device to support emerging and next-generation technologies. For example, the next-generation wireless CDMA Talon paves the way to the next-generation wireless network that promises faster speeds and larger bandwidth with even better access to vehicle data.

4. Certified safe, secure, and reliable. Built with patented GPS technology, Talon has received all of the required licenses and certifications, including stringent FCC certification. Talon additionally meets TRP (Total Radiated Power) and TIS (Total Isotropic Sensitivity) for achieving safe amounts of radiation and isotropic emissions.

5. Easy installation. The Talon offers fast and simple installation, with minimal wiring to worry about and options for both an external or internal antenna that allows for more covert installation of the device.

6. Ten years to road-test it into perfection. The Talon is by no means an overnight sensation. It’s been on the road, in the engine, crunching data, and serving dealerships for a decade. And we’ve used that time to continuously improve its performance to where it stands alone today as the best-selling, highest performing GPS tracking device in use by automotive dealers and lenders.

7. It gets results. Talon customers reported the following:

84% have experienced reduced delinquencies. 
78% have been able to finance customers with lower credit scores (without any increase in risk). 
68% have been able to finance customers with smaller down payments. 
77% have seen a significant improvement in customer credit ratings.

*From a recent National Alliance of Buy Here, Pay Here Dealers (NABD) survey.


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