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“Real-Time” data. What’s it all about?”

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“Real-Time” data. What’s it all about?

~Mark Behnke, Regional Vice President-Automotive Solutions

GoldStar GPS prides itself on providing Real Time data to our clients. Our GPS vehicle tracking devices not only track BHPH dealer’s assets 24/7, but they also store the information that can be later used as valuable data. What sets us apart from a good percentage of other GPS vehicle tracking providers is that our state of the art technology and cloud allows for all of this information to be gathered and collected in Real Time.

Webster’s defines Real Time as follows:

‘The actual time during which a process or event occurs’

Specifically in the case of M2M telematics this definition would be more appropriate and useful: ‘Of or relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available virtually immediately as feedback’


What does this mean to BHPH dealers?

Keywords--à Immediately & Feedback. Real Time satellite tracking of each financed vehicle is critical in the BHPH business. It goes without saying that there is a certain amount of risk involved in the Subprime auto market and when running business timing can be everything. Think about it, how far could your collateral possibly travel if the vehicle was only monitored on a 3 hour loop? GoldStar GPS and our Real Time tracking takes the worry out of such situations.  In the unfortunate event that a repossession would need to take place, our devices can provide down to the minute information on the vehicles whereabouts.

With the simple push of a button, the vehicle’s exact address and location is displayed on a map along with a satellite photo. This is all accessible via Internet, whether the vehicle’s engine is running or not. If the car is in motion, the exact street block, speed and direction of travel is indicated on the map. GoldStar GPS also maintains an ongoing record of every location where the vehicle stops for more than 30 minutes, thus establishing a pattern of the vehicle’s daily use and destinations which is very helpful if a recovery must be executed.

 For questions about how GoldStar GPS can locate your collateral in Real Time feel free to email me directly

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