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GPS Vehicle Tracking Features

Advanced GPS Tracking Features

Stop spending your time searching for your vehicle collateral. And start selling more cars to more customers with GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system featuring these innovations.

Location Genie

The patented Location Genie GPS locator for cars collects and analyzes vehicle location data, then analyzes this data to predict the most probable location for any given car, at any given time.

You’ll no longer need to pay a recovery agent to scour neighborhoods for vehicles that may not be there. Instead, you’ll be able to conveniently schedule pick-ups and recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively while protecting the privacy of your customer. What’s more, if a customer changes jobs or addresses, Location Genie lets you know by keep tracking of new location data and trends.

Reference Genie

GoldStar CMS automates the time-consuming verification process with our patent-pending Reference Genie. This feature automatically analyzes and verifies your customers’ background data without the need for phone calls. With faster verification, you’ll be able to sell and process loans more quickly. Your customers will also appreciate added privacy, with no embarrassing phone calls to their employers or landlords.