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Telematics Solutions for Franchise Dealers

Franchsise Dealers - GoldStar GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS tracking system
for franchise dealers

Telematics Solutions for Franchise Dealers

Telematics That Saves You Time

Stop spending your time searching for your vehicle collateral. And start selling more cars to more customers, even those with credit challenges. The GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system comes with a host of powerful new features that simplify your life, save you time and money, and go beyond your basic GPS locator for cars. With GoldStar CMS, you’ll be able to expand your loan portfolio, go deeper with subprime loans, while protecting your vehicle assets.

Award-winning Telematics Platform

GoldStar CMS is powered by our award-winning NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform. A cloud-based environment, NSpire supports over 1.9 million GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles today, with the highest level of service availability and security. The NSpire environment encompasses multiple data centers strategically located nationwide, each one implementing stringent security controls to protect your data as well as customer privacy.

GPS Locator With Greater Accuracy

GoldStar CMS offers the industry’s only patented Location Genie feature. The Location Genie GPS locator for cars collects and analyzes vehicle location data, then analyzes this data to predict the most probable location for any given car, at any given time.

You’ll no longer need to pay a recovery agent to scour neighborhoods for vehicles that may not be there. Instead, you’ll be able to conveniently schedule pick-ups and recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively while protecting the privacy of your customer. What’s more, if a customer changes jobs or addresses, Location Genie lets you know by keep tracking of new location data and trends.

Verify STIPs Without the Phone Calls

GoldStar CMS makes it faster and easier to verify without having to make multiple phone calls to check with references. You’ll be able to close out loan stipulations and process loans more quickly. And your customers will appreciate a friendlier, less intrusive experience.

More GPS Vehicle Locates

GoldStar CMS offers more vehicle locates than other GPS vehicle tracking systems, allowing you to proactively predict where your vehicles are most likely to be located. With the ability to run more reports with more frequency, you’ll be able to verify references, close out, process loans, and recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively. You’ll also be able to better monitor GPS tracking device health and performance.

Automated Efficiencies Beyond Most GPS Trackers

GoldStar CMS comes with an industry-unique app that lets you automate the VIN scanning, decoding and entry process. Simply use your smartphone to scan the vehicle’s VIN, and the app instantly decodes it then auto-populates the year, make and model into your GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system. No more manually entering information. No more human error.

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