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GPS Vehicle Tracking helps cut repossession costs

Cut Repossession Costs With Location Genie

As a BHPH dealer with credit-challenged customers, repossession is a business reality — and an unwanted expense. The longer a repossession takes, the higher the costs as well as the risk of vehicle damage.

GoldStar CMS reduces the time and cost of repossessions, with the patented Location Genie feature. With Location Genie, you’ll already know the most probable location of a vehicle on specific days and at specific times before you contact the recovery agent. This allows you to direct the agent to the vehicle location more quickly and cost-effectively, and schedule pick-ups at the most convenient time.

By tracking and collecting frequent location data, Location Genie also alerts you when a customer changes a job or home. What’s good for you is also good for the customer. Location Genie lets you protect your customers’ privacy since the data is viewed only by the system and not your staff.