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Telematics Solutions for Buy Here Pay Here

Buy Here Pay Here Dealers - GoldStar GPS Vehicle Tracking


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Telematics Solutions for Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Focus on Your Sales, Not Your Telematics System

You have a dealership to run. Customers to serve. And cars to sell. GoldStar CMS lets you focus your time, energies and resources where they’re needed with an intuitive GPS vehicle tracking system that’s simple to use.

GPS Locator at a Glance

The convenient Dashboard lets you see all your critical vehicle data on a single screen. You’ll know which GPS tracking devices are in which vehicles, where those vehicle are, and what actions you need to take to secure and manage your vehicle collateral.

Telematics That’s Automatic

GoldStar CMS is more than a simple GPS locator. It also automates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes like verifications as well as VIN scanning, decoding and entry — with the single click of a mouse.

GPS Fleet Tracking That Grows With You

Whether you need a GPS locator for your cars, or a more robust telematics system that proactively helps you better manage your vehicle collateral, GoldStar CMS delivers the fleet tracking system that fits you. Flexible packages bundle together the asset tracking features you want. And when your needs change, GoldStar CMS easily scales with you to add more features and functionality.

Verify STIPs Without the Phone Calls

GoldStar CMS makes it faster and easier to verify without having to make multiple phone calls to check with references. You’ll be able to process loans more quickly. And your customers will appreciate a friendlier, less intrusive experience.

Vehicle Tracking Performance You Can Count On

Only GoldStar CMS comes with the industry’s first 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring your GoldStarCMS application is up and running 99.9% of the time. Which means you’ll stay connected to your vehicles for on-demand GPS vehicle tracking.

CDMA Means You’re Covered

GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system comes with the latest CDMA wireless technology with wider national coverage, more reliable connections even in rural areas, faster network access, double the data plan, and lower battery consumption. And because CDMA works with tomorrow’s technologies, GoldStar CMS is a future-ready investment that won’t be impacted by the 2G sunset.